The Challenge

Enbridge needed to redesign their site in order to make it easier for their users to find information they needed and in order to be able to tell their story more effectively. As many sites do, the Enbridge site had grown organically over the years with many different contributors.

The site architecture was particularly challenging because Enbridge had six distinct user groups visiting the site, each group looking for different information. Within the company itself there are several different departments all with their own stories to convey to users. New site sections needed to be created to address user groups and labeling of navigation menus needed to accurately reflect the content and personality of the company.

Enbridge operates the largest crude oil and liquids transportation system in North America but the company also is growing its business in other energy sectors like natural gas transmission and green energy technologies. Research conducted with many of the user groups revealed that many users wanted to understand better who Enbridge was as a company and what they did. In other words Enbridge needed to create a more in depth story of their identity for users.

The Solution

Two new sections were created for the site in order to convey this information. The order of the main navigational menu was changed in order to place items relevant to the majority of users first. For example, “Media Relations” and “About Enbridge” were moved to allow the two new sections to take priority.

The “Delivering Energy” section clarified the multiple business interests being pursued at Enbridge. The “In Your Community” section created an area for users to learn more about who Enbridge is as a company and how they work with and contribute to the company’s local communities.

Enbridge now has a site architecture that will allow each department to tell their story as it evolves over time, without losing the overall logical structure that now allows users to access the information they need quickly and easily.